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Dracula (C.A. Luer, 1922 - 2019)

Draculas grow only in Central and South America.
The genus consists of 135 species-nat.hybrids (end of 2013),
9 of these species grow in Central America, Mexico - Nicaragua - Costa Rica and Panama,
the others in South America: 75 species in Colombia, 55 in Ecuador en 6 in Peru.

The plants grow, in general, on altitudes between 1500 and 2300 meters.
Some grow on altitudes up to 300 meters but there are also species that grow above 2300 meters.
All species grow in the shade of the trees en hardly get any direct sunshine.
In nature the plants often grow in the forks of the trees, where there's a layer of litter and often a lot of moss.
Because of the moss and the litter the roots of the plants are always moist (but never wet because this layer is very airy.)
Also humidity is always very high in these places.

Every year new species of Dracula are discovered, in recent years new species were discovered in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

Special thanks to Stig Dalström and Alfonso Doucette, for there help for update the names and the determination.

Herman ter Borch, Helmond, Netherlands


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In honor of,
Carlyle A. Luer 1922 - 2019,

at the top left Dracula carluerii (J. Hermans & P.J. Cribb)

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